What the Bible Really Says About Money and Giving is also presented in a six-session, nine-hour highly-interactive, live seminar usually offered Friday night and all-day Saturday. Generally following the contents of this book, participants learn timeless truths on how God wants His people to view and handle what His Word calls mammon. Covering many topics that pastors may feel inadequate or unwilling to present from the pulpit, the seminar provides both head and heart-instruction on the wealth of input contained in His Word that many believers never even knew existed.

Should sponsoring entities desire, the author can be available for sermons and/or individual financial counseling the week immediately following the seminar.

For further information on the seminar, including costs and timeframe for advance planning, please use the link below. Due to the author’s business involvements in the summer, the seminar is only able to be offered during mid-October through mid-April.